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    The purpose of which is to prevent infection of patients of medical institutions of various profiles with viruses, the effective cure for which has not yet been created.

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The range of applications of the method for detecting and evaluating the viability of lymphotropic HBV, HCV and HIV viruses.

Blood transfusion stations:

to increase the reliability of detection of lymphotropic hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in biological media (donor blood, plasma and other components) containing viruses in concentrations below the threshold of sensitivity of ELISA or PCR methods.

Diagnostic laboratories:

to increase the reliability and exclude false negative results when testing for HBV, HCV or HIV infection in the blood of donors or patients with virus content in concentrations below the sensitivity threshold of ELISA or PCR methods.

Pharmaceutical companies:

to assess the viability of HBV, HCV or HIV viruses after exposure to chemical and physical antiviral factors developed and offered by manufacturers in order to inactivate viruses at various facilities.

The method creates the opportunity:

objectively evaluate the effect of chemical or physical factors on the viability (pathogenicity) of lymphotropic viruses.

Allows to eliminate errors

in the diagnosis of patients, when testing donated blood and its components for infection with lymphotropic viruses HBV, HCV or HIV.


and evaluation of the viability of lymphotropic viruses has no analogues.

Registration and certification documents for installation

According to this method of detecting and assessing the viability of viruses with lymphotropism, the State Patent Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan has issued a patent registered in the State Register of utility models of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent for No. IAP 04903 dated 06/18/2012.

Patents have been obtained for the invention (according to the method of assessing the viability of lymphotropic viruses) in the European, Eurasian Patent Offices, as well as patent offices of the following countries - Africa, USA, Israel, UAE, India.

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