The vector of modern pharmaceutical science is rapidly developing towards the creation of highly effective targeted medicines that completely exclude their influence on other functions and systems of the body. This is achieved using various methods – high purification of substances, synthesis of chemical compounds that enhance the effect of the medicine , the creation of highly specific medicines using nanotechnology, the search for new combined medicines that have a sparing effect on the body. Promising pharmacological protection lies in the development of ways to enhance the natural protective functions of the body in that part of it when, under the influence of a pharmacologically active compound, the renal, hepatic, myocardial or any other cell becomes able to maintain energy metabolism and perform the function assigned to it by nature. In particular, this is the creation of medicines with maximum pharmacological effect, with minimal negative effects on the body. Here the essential unit is the chemical structure of the substance, as the main carrier of the active substance of the medicine. To this end, studies of various substances of natural origin have been conducted. The most promising substance was "Honey concentrate". The substance was obtained by fermentation of natural honey according to the original method . It contains the main monosaccharides of honey. It is used as the basis of the injectable "Heptrong" medicine. The “Heptrong” medicine has a pronounced antioxidant effect, helps to stabilize and improve metabolism in liver cells, enhances the antitoxic function of the liver. Quickly normalizes the level of enzymes in the blood. Reduces the intensity and accelerates the disappearance of clinical manifestations of hepatitis . Relieves the toxic effect of various poisoning, promotes rapid restoration of liver cell function.

The use of the Heptrong medicine

Due to the unique mechanism of action and therapeutic breadth, the medicine is effective in all forms (viral, alcoholic, toxic, metabolic, medicinal, autoimmune) of liver damage. The medicine is safe, well tolerated, non-addictive, has no side effects and contraindications, is intended for a wide range of patients and can be used without restrictions in the treatment of children and pregnant women. It is well combined with all forms of therapy of acute and chronic liver diseases. Fully compatible with interferons, nucleosides, chemotherapeutic medicines, glucocorticoids, immunomodulators, antibacterial and antiviral medicines. When Heptrong is combined with antiviral drugs, the severity of their side effects decreases, the patient's quality of life and the frequency of a positive response to treatment increase. There are special schemes for the combined use of the drug with interferons and nucleoside analogues in chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. The use of Heptrong leads to a decrease in fatty liver dystrophy, which determines its choice in the treatment of diseases accompanied by steatosis. In acute viral hepatitis– it reduces the duration of the main clinical and biochemical manifestations of the disease (cholestatic, cytolytic, mesenchemal–inflammatory syndromes): the resolution of cholestasis syndrome is expressed in a significant acceleration of the process of reverse development of jaundice, normalization of bilirubin levels, alkaline phosphatase activity, as well as elimination of the picture of intrahepatic cholestasis; hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory effect of Heptrong is manifested in faster relief of dyspeptic phenomena and normalization of transaminase activity; reduces the likelihood of exacerbations and reduces the frequency of cases of chronic disease. When combined with antiviral drugs (PVP), it potentially increases their therapeutic effect, as well as reduces the number and severity of side effects of these drugs. In chronic viral hepatitis – it can be used both in combination with PVP and as monotherapy. When prescribed together with PVP (recombinant interferons, inducers of endogenous interferon), Heptrong enhances their therapeutic effect, significantly increases the frequency of remission and reduces the number of relapses. When prescribed with alpha-interferon drugs, it increases their effectiveness by almost 2 times, and also softens their side effect. In cases where the use of PVP is not recommended for any indication, it is advisable to carry out monotherapy with Heptrong. Monotherapy with Heptong makes it possible to achieve a significant decrease in the level of liver enzymes (by 20-25%), relief of manifestations of cholestasis syndrome (by 20-40%), a positive effect on the severity of viremia (by 15-40%), normalization of the histogram of liver tissue, which significantly improves the quality of life of the patient. With alcoholic liver damage – significantly reduces the level of bilirubin, hepatic transaminases and biochemical indicators of cholestasis. Improves lipid metabolism (cholesterol, total lipids, triglycerides, lipoproteins). Improves the quality of life of patients by reducing the severity of asthenic, dyspeptic and cholestatic syndromes. Improves the histological picture of liver tissue (reduction of intrahepatic cholestasis and regression of signs of fatty hepatosis). Inhibits the formation of cirrhosis of the liver. In diabetes mellitus, non-alcoholic steatosis and steatohepatitis - restores the sensitivity of the body's cells to insulin, improves the quality of life of patients, reduces the level of bilirubin, hepatic transaminases and other biochemical indicators of cholestasis. Reduces the severity of asthenic, dyspeptic and cholestatic syndromes. Improves lipid metabolism. Improves the histological picture of the liver. Reduces the side effects of insulin therapy. With cholestasis in pregnant women – it is effective for all categories of patients, improvement of the condition (from severe to moderate and from moderate to mild severity) was observed 2 times more often among pregnant women who received Heptrong against the background of traditional therapy (clinically proven). Improves the quality of life of patients. Reduces the level of bilirubin, hepatic transaminases and biochemical parameters of cholestasis. Reduces the severity of asthenic, dyspeptic and cholestatic syndromes. With other cholestatic liver diseases – with primary sclerosing cholangitis, cirrhosis of the liver, cystic fibrosis, hemoblastosis, the therapeutic effect of the drug Heptrong manifests itself with prolonged use and consists in improving the quality of life of patients, significantly improving the biochemical parameters of blood, a positive effect on the histological picture of the liver, improving the prognosis of the disease.


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