Supply voltage – 220-230V

Current frequency - 50-60Hz

Power – 100W

Scope of application

The cabinet can be used in medical institutions of various profiles, dental offices for storing sterile instruments. It is also possible to use the cabinet in fast food chains, restaurants, catering establishments, educational and preschool institutions for storing clean dishes and cutlery.

Fig.2 Schematic diagram

1. AC/DC - power supply 220-12V 5A 2. Rel. 1-5 - power part control relay 3. MCRel.M - unit including a microcontroller, buttons, display, as well as a relay switching module. 4. M1 - electromechanical door lock 5. M2 - air exhaust fan from the working chamber 6. B1 - start-regulating device for UV lamps 7. EL 1\8 - UV lamps 8. EL 9- working camera illumination lamp.